You knew this was coming…… 

I challenge the Veronica Mars fandom!

Specifically Kathi ( rottweilersatemylaptop ) and all the NYC/tri state area gals ( happilyshanghaied, lilamadison11, bigappleelephant, petpluto, vmsteenbeans, ghostcat3000 ). 

But, anyone in the VM fandom can participate :) 

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I always enjoyed the NCIS LA DVD commentary way more than NCIS’ lol. 

Dani + ECO give us an interesting insight into TV production + post production. But, they’re also hilarious and go off on random tangents…well actually Dani does it a lot more. I feel like she does with the random tidbits we know about Portugal + her life there lol…

A) She has red walls in her condo in Portugal
B) Don’t order salsa in Portugal! It’s actually “parsley” when you say “salsa.”
C) Cod’s a popular fish in Portugal lol. They probably get their cod from Norway.
D) Dani has elephant chairs (not Portugal related, but about her LA life) 

And, ECO actually tries his best to stick to what’s happening in the episode. But, it’s like when one goes…..the other follows in the silliness :P. 

Although, this season’s commentary….no random tidbit about Portugal lol. But, I really enjoyed how much they talked about editing/post production! 


I wish they would do a special feature on editing :).

My favorite part has got to be whenever Dani + ECO talk about how many different takes they do of a scene and what the editors end up choosing is different from what they thought was their best takes.

So much editing talk!!!

I’m in heaven haha.

Really why not? They’ve already done a special feature on the stunt guys + location scouts + set design…

Editing is very interesting…but then again, i’m super nerdy about it.

It’s my passion + job in life. Not where I want to be yet professionally, but i’ll get up to exec producer level (on a sports talk show on tv) someday!



DISCLAIMER: Someone may have to check my math. There’s a reason why I’m an editor and not a doctor/engineer like most Asian-Americans that I know lol.

For analysis purposes, I’m using SoW episode I have on my computer (43:57 runtime) and I’m using this clip here since it’s the…

Which is why I stated reason #2 :). The writers already had a plan in mind with where they were going with Densi this season. A scene like that wouldn’t have made sense story-wise with what they wrote in Three Hearts. 

Editors: we’re just tools in a tool shed. Sure, we have a tiny bit of creative input. But, ultimately it’s up to the writers and head honchos of the network….. 

IMO, that scene fit with the pacing of the episode as an edit. It was very tense so it fits in with their action-packed ep. 

Yeah, Kensi + Deeks fucked. But, it wasn’t a mushy lovey dovey moment. It was a very serious moment between the two of them filled doubts + realizations about their love for each other and the relationship they have now beyond just partners at work. 

The flashback style is also not awkward or out of place. It was quite fitting. Kensi is pretty much in a weakened state at this point…I love the flashback style because it’s like being in her mind at the moment when she’s slipping in and out of consciousness. In her darkest hours, that lovely memory is what she clings onto. 

That one scene that got deleted was more powerful than the entire Three Hearts ep put together. 

It was concise storytelling in a minute and 38 seconds…. Three Hearts was not. It was like Dave Kalstein doing a “Jackson Pollock” painting. A huge mess where you just hope something sticks/ends up being beautiful. 

I’m sure someone as an editor for the show must have fought this. It was a very beautiful scene in storytelling. And like I said before, we concern ourselves with two things as editors: 1) time and 2) storytelling (you always question every cut you make, every insert, etc).

I can’t see an editor who has worked on this show not fighting this deletion for the previous reasons I mentioned about why I loved the deleted scene so much. 

But, our resistance is futile. We can make suggestions….but we have very little power over the final edit.


Female Characters (2/10)

Veronica Mars
“Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars - she’s a marshmallow.”

You just can’t blame editing…

DISCLAIMER: Someone may have to check my math. There’s a reason why I’m an editor and not a doctor/engineer like most Asian-Americans that I know lol. 

For analysis purposes, I’m using SoW episode I have on my computer (43:57 runtime) and I’m using this clip here since it’s the full version of the cut: (X)

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Robert Redford honors Paul Newman at the Kennedy Center, 1992 


Pretty much the only highlights of S3 so far in my rewatch (5 more eps remaining now and they’re the good ones!): 

- They haven’t destroyed Mac. She may be side-lined like Wallace….but haven’t destroyed her this season. I think she’s the only one left unscathed.  

- Despite them destroying Veronica for me this season, KB is the best thing about the show still. Uggghhh why hasn’t she won an Emmy or an Oscar yet? So freaking talented. I love her antics in certain dialogues/scenes. You can tell that’s acting, baby!

- Veronica’s wardrobe got updated in a good way. And, I love the different pairs of sunglasses that we see V wearing in some eps. So sexy. But, please….let’s not talk about what was going on with her hair this season. Some styles were good and some were a miss for me….just like this whole entire season of VM. 

Yeah, I know that was a very superficial comment :P 

But, I’m really happy with the hairstyle they went with for Veronica in the movie. Obviously, it shows Veronica has grown up more. But, it’s a simple look you know? It’s kind of straight/slightly wavy in some parts. 

I didn’t really like it whenever she had INCREDIBLY curly hair in Season 3. It wasn’t believable to me as Veronica Mars…way too complex. 

- DICK!!! MORE DICK than previous seasons!!! (that’s what she said) :) It’s so enjoyable to see this lovable douche interact with Logan or Veronica in the VM-verse. 

- The recurring guest actors on this show were great this season. I really loved Dean O’Dell + Prof Landry (played by the ever so handsome Patrick Fabian). 

- Haven’t reached it yet, but Jake Kane + Veronica Mars eventually butting heads. Wished we did have another season of VM before it was cancelled……would’ve loved that Castle conspiracy storyline + Neptune becoming even more corrupt with the election of Vinnie Van Lowe (I don’t see Keith winning that one, but I do see him getting off on his charges somehow). 

The last 5 eps of this season were basically the show returning to its former glory…. 

Yeah….Veronica just seems extra bitchy this season for no reason. 

And, obviously the whole portrayal of feminists is troubling……

Also, why does Veronica seem like she is anti feminist ("The female voice in Celtic literature. I am woman, hear me bore.")? Although, I could understand why she’s hostile to this group (who is portrayed as very manipulative to get what they want…like one of them faked their own rape to further the Lilith House’s agenda of getting rid of the Greek system)…..

It was definitely not a very good portrayal of feminists on the show.